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Signs You Need Ann Arbor Brake Service

The brakes are one of the most important components of your vehicle. Without them, you’re not only putting yourself but everyone on the road at risk. Thankfully, there are usually warning signs before your brakes go kaput. If you notice any of what we’ll mention below, schedule brake service in Ann Arbor as soon as possible. 

Here are the top warning signs that you need new brakes: 

1. Clicking Sounds

Have you started to notice clicking sounds? Like something got loose and is not rolling around somewhere in your vehicle? You’re not imagining things. This clicking sound is usually the result of the bolts or clips used to keep the brake pads in place getting loose. 

As such, you’ll usually hear this clicking sound anytime you engage with the brake pedal. If you hear this sound, it’s a warning sign that you need to bring it in for repair ASAP. 

2. Squealing Noises

It’s not just a clicking sound you should be wary of. You should also be mindful of any screeching noises. 

This is probably one of the most common signs of needing new brakes. Furthermore, it’s likely that you’ve heard these, even if you weren’t driving. The screeching noise associated with needing new brakes is ear-piercing. But what causes it? 

In most cases, these squealing/screeching noises are the result of your brake pads being worn down and scraping against your rotor. When this happens, it’s usually serious and needs brake service sooner rather than later. Waiting to get brake service with a symptom like this means that your brake pads are almost completely eroded. 

3. Vibrating Brake Pedal

Have you noticed that your brake pedal is shaking whenever you apply pressure to it? This isn’t something to take lightly. 

When this occurs, it’s the result of your brake pads getting overheated and the binding resin melting unevenly onto your rotors. This is also known as glazing. Regardless of how it’s referred to, this is what causes your brake pedal to shake whenever you apply pressure to it. 

4. Pulling to One Side

Is your vehicle starting to pull to one side? If so, it’s a warning sign that you’re going to need new brakes pretty soon. Keep in mind that this pulling doesn’t have to be extreme, either. Even minor pulling to the left or right is a sign you should remain cognizant of. 

Though this is a common sign that your brake pads are wearing down, it may also be due to uneven tire pressure. Still, it’s worth checking out, if for no other reason than to just cross it off the list of potential problems. 

5. It Takes Longer to Come to a Stop

As soon as you engage your brakes, you expect them to work immediately. This is especially true if there’s an emergency that requires you to come to a rapid stop, such as a stopped car or deer darting out in front of your vehicle. If your brakes fail to come to a quick stop, it could spell serious problems for you, your passengers, other drivers, and your vehicle. 

When your car takes longer to stop, it’s usually the result of the brake pads being worn down due to excessive “riding the brakes.” This is when you keep tapping the brake while traveling long distances but never actually bring the vehicle to a full stop. 

Over time, this wreaks havoc on your brake pads, and the friction needed to bring your vehicle to a fast stop fades, making it nearly impossible for your brakes to function as they should. 

6. Your Brake Warning Light Comes On

The best warning sign that you need new brakes is if your brake warning light comes on. This is an indicator that something is wrong and you need to take it in for an inspection. Whether it’s something simple like needing more brake fluid, an issue with the brake pads, or something else, this warning sign is one that should never be ignored. 

How Long Should Brakes Last? 

Ann Arbor brake service
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In regards to how long brakes should last, the answer is going to depend on several factors. These include how often you drive, the conditions in which you drive, the surfaces you’re driving on, and the make and model of the vehicle. 

However, generally speaking, the average brakes should last for about 35,000 miles before needing any type of repairs or replacements. This number can be higher the less you drive. 

The team at Complete Auto Service can help. 

Do You Need Ann Arbor Brake Service? Bring Your Car To Complete Auto Service to Get It Fixed!

Is your car pulling to one side? Are you tired of hearing that loud, obnoxious screeching noise every time you drive? If so, it’s time to schedule your brake service with Complete Auto Service in Ann Arbor. 

At Complete Auto Service, we pride ourselves on providing the quickest brake service around. Life doesn’t wait, and neither should you when it comes to quality brake repair and related services. We’re proud to offer same-day service, convenient online booking, local pick-up and drop-off service, and free loaner cars to any customer who books an appointment with us. 

In addition to these services, we’re also happy to provide local towing if your vehicle’s brakes have gotten so bad that you can’t drive the car into our dealership or you don’t feel comfortable driving. To us, your safety is paramount. 

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