Your Choice Ann Arbor Auto Mechanic!


We provide the best auto repair and maintenance in Ann Arbor. Whether you need general upkeep and maintenance, or a complete vehicle overhaul, Complete Auto Service is ready to provide excellent service and trustworthy advice. Our technicians are trained and qualified to provide top-notch auto service, and customer care.

Throughout the decades,Complete Auto Service has made a name for itself for being able to diagnose difficult and unusual vehicle issues.  Sometimes, other repair shops will even bring their problem cars to us for programming and troubleshooting! We’re the choice auto mechanic in Ann Arbor.

Our service techs are able to program not only your car’s computer but numerous other modules that must be programmed when a new part is installed in your car.  We have a fantastic team of techs with a diverse background that enables us to specialize in Chevy, Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda, BMW, VW, Audi, Mercedes, and many more!!  We take a pride in our shop appearance and cleanliness.  We will take excellent care of your vehicle while you have entrusted us with it.  Looking forward to your call!


Whyyyy are they making you wait just to get your car fixed? So many times we hear of people who can’t get their car into the shop until next week, or they are waiting to get their car back because it’s taking longer than estimated. We’re not just here to help you. We’re here to help you NOW. What are you waiting for?