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Your local Ann Arbor oil change place

Done right: oil change service in Ann Arbor.

Schedule online, call 734-215-9646 or just come on by. Yes, we can do that for you now. You never have to wait to get an oil change at Complete Auto Service. We offer a Semi Synthetic API RATING: SN+ & GF-5 RATING. You get a new oil filter, drain and dispose. Let's GOOO!

Why Complete Auto Service?

"Fast lube" outlets are, well, fast. A full service shop like Louie and John's will give you the level of attention and detail you deserve from ASE Certified Technicians.

Oil Changes for Modern Vehicles

Modern cars need high quality oil filters and specialized oil to keep your car running smoothly. We'll make sure your car leaves with the manufacturer's recommended oil and filter, ensuring that your car's warranty requirements are met.

All Makes and Models

Complete Auto Service does oil changes on all makes and models of cars, trucks, SUVs, vans and even fleet vehicles. We even fixed a tractor once. We perform oil change service on both domestic and imported models. We can handle your car for sure.


Complete Auto Service is a place if you need anything done, they will do the right job and do it GREAT. Customer service is excellent! If you need a car while yours is getting fixed, they have that for you, if you need your car towed to the shop, yes that too. 5 stars. 

 Keith Chapman
Google Review 

Regular Oil Change Pricing

Borrow a free loaner car, or relax in our waiting room.


Includes new oil filter

Work performed by Certified ASE Technicians

Schedule an Oil Change Service Online

The last appointment for having a same day service is 2:00. You may always drop off after 2:00 and you don't need to schedule that. We look forward to seeing you.

A note about oil changes

Whether you need full synthetic or regular oil, an oil change is the most cost effective form of auto maintenance you can get.

It increases the life of your vehicle, and when combined with specialized flushes, can extend that up to 28%.

An expertly performed oil change from Complete Auto Service of Ann Arbor is one of the best ways to avoid unexpected an expensive auto repairs.

Regular oil changes are the best form of insurance you can get for your car's performance.

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Improve Performance With An Oil Change

Following your car manufacturer's recommendations for regular oil changes lengthens the life of your engine and improves performance on the road.