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Hey, how’s everybody doing today? I’m John Karageorge, owner of Louie and John’s Complete Auto Service here at 2090 Jackson Avenue in sunny and always happy Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Today I’m coming to you with another video. Today’s topic: financing your automotive repair and why debt is not necessarily a bad thing for you and your family.

So, the thing that we hear constantly here Monday through Friday at Louie and John’s Complete Auto Service: “Guys, these repairs are so expensive. How can we possibly get them done?” and I always pause at the thought. I’m like, “Guys, why don’t you just finance the repairs?”

We have one of three finance companies that can provide you and your entire family with opportunities to take that big bill and split it up into little segments over months of time. And some of them actually allow you to do that over 6 months of time without any interest.

So, while you’re sitting there contemplating not fixing your vehicle because you cannot afford it and because you think that that is some sort of bad thing because of your parents’ programming, because of what you’ve heard on the radio, because of Dave Ramsey, because of whatever. The point is: that same vehicle that you’re contemplating not fixing enables you to get to and from work, enables to get your kids to and from school, enables you to get your entire family to and from any fun, safe destination and back safely without having to worry about it breaking down and being unsafe for your entire family. So, it’s not so much that the repairs are expensive and that you can’t afford it, it’s so much that your prior programming of thinking that debt is a bad thing is what’s hindering you from enabling you to possibly get to your next level.

So let me explain–debt, guys, is not necessarily your final destination. That’s what I tell all my customers. Debt is not the final destination, it’s what the debt enables you to do to create opportunities to enable MORE opportunities.

Just think of it like this: say you fixed your vehicle today and you finance the repairs. Tomorrow, or one day in the future, that vehicle could enable you to get to your next destination, your next job interview, to meet that next person to get you and your dreams literally on track and going forward for you and your entire family and generations to come. Does it sound farfetched? Well, it’s not because that’s exactly how it works.

All it takes is one thing to happen to change your trajectory and that one thing could be your vehicle.

So, here at Louie and John’s Complete Auto Service, like I mentioned before, we offer up to three types of financing and financing companies to assist you and your entire family. You can visit our Finance page and apply now.

You can also text 21034 to the number 48078 and they will send a link to your phone that you can automatically apply in your convenience of your home, in your quiet, and then you come pre-qualified and ready to go.

So whatever your certified master technician determines is going on with your vehicle, we show you and we decide what to do, that financing plan is available for you to get the vehicle repaired today and get your life and your dreams on the road today.

If you have any questions, we’re here for you any time. Our number here (734)-665-2533. You can callme – I’m John – you can call Kyle, our front counter receptionist, or our main manager, Bill. All three of us will be more than happy to help you out, get you on the road.

Again, everybody, I hope you enjoyed this video. That’s my two cents on why financing your automotive repair and why debt service on that or debt, in general, is a good thing for you. It’ll enable your dreams to come true. And I want to be part of that. Hope everybody’s having a good day, hope you have a great month, a great week, a great day, wherever you find this video, we’ll look forward to catching up with you guys soon. Have a good afternoon everybody.