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The Complete Auto Service Story

Why we do what we do.

I took over my family’s auto repair business and aimed to help customers and our community by making their auto maintenance / repairs much easier, less painful. What I had noticed from the 25 prior years was that customers would forget or not keep up maintenance on their vehicles and eventually have a huge, painfully expensive and unexpected repair bill and even a vehicle that was dangerous to drive. Especially having married couples with teen drivers on the road as customers, I knew something had to change and be done to improve this daily discomfort of unwanted surprises. So I developed an exciting new vehicle maintenance program, used along with a cutting edge computer maintenance tracking technology to easily help my customers and community stay ahead of their maintenance on all their vehicles in their family and prevent expensive, unexpected repair bills.

Pamela S.

I have been taking my cars to John and his crew for the last few years now, mostly for oil changes and tire rotations. Although, they have also installed a tow hitch for me and done some other minor work. I appreciate the high quality service that they provide. 

They are always so flexible in providing a loaner or shuttle service to/from my office. Recently, I had my car in for more extensive service and found their hi-tech approach to providing me with an estimate, including pictures, very refreshing. I'll admit at first I wasn't sure what I was looking at/for in the pictures, but John has an excellent way of explaining in layman's terms what needed to be done. While I don't typically need to use the waiting area, it is very nicely decorated and comfortable, and his receptionist is very friendly and welcoming. It's apparent to me that customer service is very important to them.

Adrienne C.

I absolutely love Complete Auto Service! Since moving to Ann Arbor 3 years ago, they have taken care of me on numerous occasions including a dead battery, flat tire, fender bender and then recommendation for body work on my hood, bumper and head lights after an auto accident 2 months ago.

Robin is always professional on the telephone, and she does a great job being the "face of the store" when people come in. I love Bill, the head mechanic, and how he always takes the time to photograph the work/changes he recommends needs to be made on the car. It is always reassuring to me to be able to see the problem. John is an excellent owner, and he always makes an effort to come say hi when I have the car in the shop. I feel like I have someone on my side whenever anything goes wrong with my car. I have referred three friends to Complete Auto Service, and I wouldn't go anywhere else in Ann Arbor.

Amber A.

John and his staff are absolutely phenomenal!!! Although they are a little bit higher priced than other local shops, THEY ARE WORTH THE EXTRA MONEY!!! 

You get what you pay for and at Complete Auto Service I get the works. As a woman that knows absolutely nothing about cars its nice to have an honest place to get my vehicle looked at. I travel 45 mins to their shop for oil changes because they are THAT GOOD! I highly recommend their services for ALL of your car needs!!!

Katlin B.

I was hesitant before going to Complete Auto Service. This is one of the first few times I've had to completely get my non-starting car from point A to point B and handle all of the stress that comes with getting it fixed. Reading all the great reviews also made me weary. I'm happy I went with Complete Auto Service because they made the whole process easy. 

They offer a free ride from the shop to wherever you need to go, I didn't take it, but just being offered was nice. Robin, the front desk lady, has amazing customer service skills, as well as the rest of the team. Being in the customer service industry, I was really impressed. I also spoke to the mechanic John on the phone, and even though I know nothing about cars he described it in a way I could understand, i.e. "We have to untangle the spaghetti." (I had a huge wiring problem). When everything was all said and done, I went and picked up my car. On the dash there was a thank you card with referral coupons for you and friends inside.

Terri L.

I have had my vehicle serviced at Complete Auto Service several times. I have had small things like oil changes and larger things like bearings, brakes, etc. Each time they have explained in detail the problem and not only what needs to be done, but why it needs to be done. 

They also have taken the time to prioritize items which will need attention in the future. I have never felt pressured or had the feeling they were "up selling" me for items I don't need. They are very customer focused and you are treated like they truly value you and your business and don't take you for granted. i would recommend Complete Auto Service to anyone and hope you give them the opportunity to serve you. God Bless and keep up the fantastic work!