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Fastest auto AC repair in Ann Arbor.

Schedule online, call 734-665-2533 or just come on by. Yes, we can do that for you now. You never have to wait to get car's air conditioning fixed at Complete Auto Service. Recycle/refresh freon, check and repair compressor seal, check for leaks, pressure gauge check and more for domestic and Asian vehicles. Let's GOOO!

Why Complete Auto Service?

A full service shop like Louie and John's will give you the level of attention and detail you deserve from ASE Certified Technicians. We can see you and your car TODAY, and get you back on the road lightning McQueen fast.

AC Service for Modern Vehicles

Modern cars need special attention to the air conditioning system, to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. We'll make sure your car leaves with the manufacturer's recommended parts, ensuring that your car's warranty requirements are met.

All Makes and Models

Complete Auto Service performs AC repair on all makes and models of cars, trucks, SUVs, vans and even fleet vehicles. We even fixed a tractor once. We can handle your car for sure.


Complete Auto Service is a place if you need anything done, they will do the right job and do it GREAT. Customer service is excellent! If you need a car while yours is getting fixed, they have that for you, if you need your car towed to the shop, yes that too. 5 stars. 

 Keith Chapman
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Free loaner cars and complimentary shuttle service.

ASE Certified Technicians will perform a check on your car's air conditioning system. We'll perform a full inspection and look for leaks, we'll check the temperature of the vents in your vehicle's cabin, and check the pressure gauge. Then, we'll fix any leaks, refresh/recycle your freon, and do whatever else is needed to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Schedule Auto Air Conditioner Repair Online

The last appointment for having work done is 2:00. You may always drop off after 2:00 and you don't need to schedule that. We look forward to seeing you.

A note about getting your car's AC fixed

Believe it or not, the performance of your car's air conditioner's system can affect other vehicle systems. When the AC has to work harder because it's not in top working order, it can wear out other parts prematurely.

For expert auto AC repair and preventative car care advice to ensure your vehicle stays safe and drives normally, come by Complete Auto Service – we’re here to help. We fix everything quickly and correctly.

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