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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Postpone the Best Oil Change in Ann Arbor

Changing your car’s oil is not cheap – but you know that. However, delaying the dreaded oil change is a mistake that can cost you more than time and money.

What comes to mind when you realize it’s time for an oil change? Chances are you probably think, “I don’t have the time” or “It’s so darned expensive!” In the US, the average cost ranges from $35 to $125, depending on the area. 

Letting this inconvenient and expensive chore slide is tempting, but it may cost your engine years of life. If your engine fails, you may have to rebuild or replace the engine, which is much more expensive! 

Most of us need more resources to change our own oil, so you must factor this into your busy schedule. Think you need to rearrange your entire day? Forget about it! Your precious time is our priority. Complete Auto Service of Ann Arbor is your best bet for quick and efficient service.

Why Your Vehicle Needs the Best Oil Change in Ann Arbor

If you’re thinking about putting off the dreaded oil change, it may help to understand why you don’t want to do that. For instance:

  • The reason a vehicle has oil is to clean and lubricate the engine. It’s a harsh environment and oil doesn’t last forever; oil deposits the junk it picks up into the filter, which is then drained and replaced with new oil. That’s why just checking the level and adding more is not wise.  
  • Regular changes can improve engine performance and lengthen engine life. When engine parts become covered in sludge and not lubricated well, it’s harder for the engine to run as designed.
  • Regular changes can improve gas mileage. All dirt, grit, and sludge negatively affect the engine’s work, causing it to use more gas. Good gas mileage also relies on how you drive.  
  • Regular changes can help the environment. That black smoke pouring from the exhaust of a neglected engine? We don’t need more of that in the air.
  • Regular changes allow you to check other systems in your car and do other maintenance tasks, like rotating tires, checking fluid levels, and cleaning your battery.

The typical time frame for changing the oil is 3,000 to 10,000 miles, depending on the vehicle and oil. This is when it pays to consult your owner’s manual.

Here are some reasons to change your oil and filter as recommended:

Oil Breaks Down and Becomes Less Effective

If you take a vehicle out of storage, your first task should be to change your oil and filter. 

When you pour oil into the engine, it’s golden brown, but by the time you need to change it, you’ll see it’s black and ugly. Over time, even if it’s just sitting in your engine in the garage, the oil loses the ability to lubricate and absorb heat. It will break down and thin out due to engine heat, even if unused.

The Engine Is Cold When Started

Combustion in the pistons allows for some blow-by, which contains contaminants. As the engine heats, the metal expands to tighten the engine’s operation. Without lubrication, the parts grind against each other, warping and causing the engine to seize, eventually leading to total engine replacement.

You Miss Other Problems

When you or your trusted auto care shop open the hood to change the oil, you can perform an overall health check, including:

  • You can check that your radiator has the correct coolant and that your transmission and brake fluid are at the recommended levels.  
  • You can test your belts and hoses for leaks, soft spots, cracks, or looseness.  
  • While paying attention to your car, check the tire tread and sidewalls, and make sure your head- and taillights are still good. Low or old oil is one of many things that can cause big problems.

Your Engine Will Run Inefficiently

Your motor oil removes harmful deposits from your engine to ensure efficient performance and optimum power. The oil keeps the engine clean from dirt and metal shreds trapped by the oil filter. If not removed, these particles will settle and cause corrosion. 

When you’re low on oil or the oil can no longer carry debris to the filter, excessive deposits may build up inside your engine and clog the life out of it. 

You Void Your Vehicle’s Warranty

Especially if you have a new car, make sure to have the engine oil changed and keep a record in case you need to verify that you have maintained your vehicle correctly.

You now know two basic ways to manage your engine’s lubrication: the hard way and the easy way. You could wait until the warning light on your dashboard comes on. You could wait until the oil turns to sludge and no longer cools, cleans, and lubricates your engine. You could even ignore the whole process and let the oil run out, let the engine seize up, and sit by the side of the road waiting for the wrecker. No one wants that.

The easy way? Check your owner’s manual, of course. (Driving many short trips or leaving your car in storage will require a change even if you haven’t driven the usual miles.) The recommended interval between changes can range from 3000 to 7000 miles or more, depending on the vehicle, age, and driving habits.  

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Complete Auto Service: Best Oil Change in Ann Arbor

If you don’t have an owner’s manual, look online, check with the dealer, or find an automotive repair pro you trust, which means bringing your car to Complete Auto Service of Ann Arbor. And since there’s no waiting, you don’t need an appointment. 

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