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A Funny Auto Repair Shop Story

What to expect when you first walk in

One of the remarks we hear most frequently is how ‘fancy’ we are. We wear dress shirts and ties, and our shop is clean and organized. Our staff is trained in their job specialties, and also in customer service. No grease monkeys here!

A funny story about going fancy

When I purchased the shop and took control completely from my father, I remodeled the whole place, with a huge emphasis on the waiting room being like a coffee shop, kind of like Starbucks.

We HAD to make our lobby bathroom fancy too. I wanted a wall-sized mirror in front of the washbasin. Très bougie, right?!

Once we were done drilling holes to install the mirror, I told everyone to grab it and shake because I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t break once it was on our fancy wall in our bougie bathroom.

We installed the mirror and then started putting the fancy light on top of it. The first screw went in and tightened uneventfully, but the minute the next screw touched the glass, it cracked from top to the bottom! The glass had been installed with enough adhesive power to pull the wall down if anyone tried to remove it. Rather than crying about it, we ended up masking the error by applying a very fancy self-adhering backsplash tiling and framing out the mirror to make it look like we meant to do it that way.

And it came out fabulous! There’s a cost to going to fancy, and this was the first lesson in doing so! The moral of the story is this: going the extra mile is worth it to have a top-notch shop.

Experience fancy service when we pick up, drop off, and sanitize your car!


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