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5 Signs Your Air Filter Needs Replacement

Your car’s air filter allows your engine to get the air it needs for combustion. It also helps to filter out debris, particles, and dust that are likely to damage the engine.

The air filter is important, so it’s good to note your car’s performance and be aware of issues that could point to the need for a new air filter.
Here are some signs that might indicate that it’s time to change the air filter.

1. High fuel consumption: if you have to fill your gas more than usual, it could be your car’s air filter. Your car engine requires adequate airflow so a blocked air filter makes your engine work harder than it needs to in order to provide power. When you notice a reoccurring poor fuel economy, bring your car in to have it checked. We offer full car diagnostics.

2. Reoccurring ignition problems: another sign of a need for a new air filter is a reoccurring ignition problem. If the air filter is blocked, proper air mixture won’t reach your spark plugs, and they won’t spark properly. Ignition problems can also make you turn the key a few times before the engine turns over. When this happen, come in and have your air filter checked.

3. Reduced acceleration: not only can a blocked air filter make your car consume more gas, but it can also make it sluggish at the same time! When you press down on the accelerator, your car should to speed up, but the opposite can happen if your air filter is dirty. It can also feel a bit jerky when you step on the gas. All these symptoms can be caused by a dirty air filter.

4. Smell of gasoline when you start your car: when next you start your car, sit back and check if you smell unburnt fuel; if this happens, chances are you need a new air filter. When your fuel system has enough oxygen, the fuel injection system or carburetor will be able to burn fuel properly. However, when the air filter is dirty, the carburetor might not be able to do that. When you notice the smell of gas after you start your car, see about replacing your air filter.

5. The filter is dirty and looks gray: if you’ve seen any of the aforementioned signs, you can look at the air filer yourself. If you don’t know where your car’s air filter is, you can consult your car’s manual for help. However, most modern cars have the filter located quite close to the engine, within a plastic housing. You’ll see a large hose leading to the engine block. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can pop the housing off. If the filter looks gray, or debris is visible, then that is a clear indication that you need a new air filter.

Air filters are important part of a car, never take it for granted. Care for it and replace it when necessary. For efficient and timely air filter replacement, visit Louie and John’s Complete Auto Services of Ann Arbor. You never need an appointment for vehicle service, you can just come by.