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Car Tips

oil change in Ann Arbor
December 21, 2020

5 Things A First-Time Car Owner Needs to Know

It’s never a good idea to ignore something that isn’t right with your car. No matter what it is, putting it off…

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auto repair coupon
November 23, 2020

5 Funky Car Noises You Need to Get Checked Out Immediately

When you’re driving along and hear a funky noise from your car, it’s telling you something could be very wrong. Different noises…

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January 7, 2020

Winter Driving Safety Tips

We’ve looked at various stats and found that in some instances, 15% of all vehicle accidents occur during winter. Yes, you probably know the rules of the road and basic safety precautions, but a brief refresher is always in order….

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car air filter maintenance ann arbor

5 Signs Your Air Filter Needs Replacement

The air filter is important, so it’s good to note your car’s performance and be aware of issues that could point to the need for a new air filter. Here are some signs that might indicate that it’s time to change the air filter….

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December 16, 2019

Air Conditioning?! In Winter? Yes.

I had this buddy that used to crank the heat and the fan up to high, thinking that would heat up the…

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