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Choosing an Auto Service: What Matters Most?

In a recent poll on Facebook, we posed the question of what matters most to consumers when choosing an auto service. While we could do internet research for the answers, we decided to take it to the masses.

Guess what took the number-one slot? Workmanship.

While they all stated that all of the categories (service, convenience, cost, and workmanship) were important, almost everyone agreed that quality is an essential factor. Here’s are some of the comments:

“Definitely the reputation of the place, workmanship and cost.”

“#1 I think would be work guaranteed. (Parts should have a manufacturer’s warranty, some have a lifetime warranty. Labor should also have a warranty, even if it’s a faulty part. I’m thinking 30 days.) Everything else is important also.”

“Workmanship. I am willing to pay more and/or drive farther to have the job done right.”

“Workmanship guarantee.”

Make no mistake: when people take their car to a repair shop, they want it fixed. Not partially repaired, but 100%. The last thing they want is to shell out their hard-earned money only to bring the vehicle back to the shop for further repair. For this reason, Complete Auto Service of Ann Arbor only hires highly-skilled and certified mechanics.


Workmanship is about trust. If the person using them isn’t skilled, even the best tools and most expensive parts are useless. 

Most people don’t babysit the technician when they take their vehicle for auto repair. We leave our car in the shop’s capable hands with the understanding that when we pick it up later, the vehicle will be in better condition than when we left it. We sure don’t expect it to be worse. 

The last thing you need is to leave your car with a mechanic who doesn’t know what they are doing. Likewise, the mechanic who takes shortcuts or promises to fix something when they lack the training and skills may compromise the vehicle’s condition. And when the car is compromised, there’s the potential of further damage or owner risk.

Shoddy workmanship costs the consumer time and money, but it also costs the repair shop. Think of it this way: if a mechanic returns a car to a customer with the understanding that repairs are complete – when in fact the repairs are ineffective – good luck getting referrals from that customer. 

The best advertisement is a job done right. Customers talk.


What exactly is service? Service is going out of your way to solve problems for the customer. Services such as providing transportation while the customer is without their vehicle is an extra that goes a long way. Likewise, service is a crucial part of customer satisfaction and goes hand in hand with quality. 

You bring your vehicle to Complete Auto Service of Ann Arbor, and that means you can take a seat in our clean, comfortable customer lounge and help yourself to our complimentary coffee. 

  • No waiting! That is the holy grail of service. You do not need an appointment here, and you don’t wait in line because there is no line. You do not wait on us; we wait on you. That’s the service you can expect at our Complete Auto Service in Ann Arbor.
  • Loaner vehicles. We did say loaner, not rental. If your repair requires you to leave your car with us, you take one of our cars. Service: it’s what we do.

We love our customers, so we make things as easy as possible. Check out our website to see what else we offer to help you.

Auto Service Factor: Convenience

We believe that convenience and service go together like peanut butter and jelly. Let’s be honest here: repair shops get bad press because of the long waits and the lounge areas that smell like oil, not to mention facilities that need attention. 

In addition to free loaner cars, we make your experience convenient by offering: free 24/7 towing with a towing credit applied to your repair bill, pick up and drop off service, sanitization and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and Digital Video Inspections.

Auto Service Factor: Cost

Cost is one of those things you can’t always put your finger on, yet you know a rip-off when you see it. The internet superhighway takes about thirty seconds for news to travel from around the world. Customers have a way of punishing businesses that are not honest; it’s called bad press, and it sounds like this: “That place is costly. My car broke down, and they charged me an arm and a leg and did repairs that weren’t necessary.”

That doesn’t sound too good. Now try this instead: “I took my vehicle to Complete Auto Repair Service of Ann Arbor, and I couldn’t be happier. Their mechanics were clean and professional and explained the repairs in a language I could understand. My car handles like a dream.”

Photo by Nina Mercado on Unsplash

Yes, it’s true, a professional auto repair shop has the edge. That’s why you need to bring your car to us. We not only fix your vehicle, but we also stand behind the quality of our work, guaranteed. Give us a call today.