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Why’s My Car Riding Rough? And Other Reasons You Need Auto Repairs

Three things are needed for an internal combustion engine to run: fuel (gasoline), air, and electricity. Other problems require experienced mechanics

Some issues can be diagnosed quickly, while others are harder to spot when it comes to your car. If your car is riding rough, consider the following:

Auto Repairs: Car Suspension 

All roads have bumps, and some need more repair than others. For this reason, cars are manufactured with suspension, to absorb the uneven pavement. Springs and shock absorbers go a long way in providing you with as comfortable a ride as possible. When the shocks no longer work, then your ride becomes more of a bucking bronco than smooth sailing. 

Fuel Injectors

If your car is coughing or gasping, it could mean fuel and air mix-up. An engine that’s misfiring indicates that the injectors need cleaning.

Auto Repairs for Bad Gas

Unfortunately, there’s no way to know the gas is inadequate until it’s in your tank. How do you discern if your gas is faulty? Your car will tell you. The gas could be the culprit if it’s pinging, knocking, idling rough, or stalling. 

Several things can cause gas to be sub-par, including water, corroded storage, a gas cap not sealed correctly, and sediment and other particles. 

Gas no longer fit for use can cause clogging and sediment. 

Perhaps you’ve heard it said that someone needs to drive an idle car. The gas quality is possibly one of the reasons. Gas can remain in the car for a while, but it does have a shelf life.

Fuel Pump Problem 

Your tank can become contaminated. If you wonder what’s making that loud whining sound, it could be your fuel pump screaming for help. 

Is your car having trouble starting? Is it stalling or losing power when you drive up a hill? 

Perhaps you’ve noticed a problem with your gas mileage. Spending more on gas isn’t always the solution.

Auto Repairs to the Throttle Valve

You’re at a stoplight, and the car is idling – but just barely. If you are like most of us, you have no idea what’s going on. All you know is that suddenly, the car isn’t cooperating, like it’s tired or sluggish. Your throttle valve could be the cause. 


Monitoring the air intake of the engine is performed by the throttle position sensor. When the engine has compromised air, you can have acceleration problems, an idle that is unstable, and the warning lights may alert you to check it out. So pay attention to your warning lights. 

Dirty Air Filter

Unburned fuel causes residue in the air filter, which causes the spark plugs to malfunction. 

Vacuum Leak

With a vacuum leak, air gets into areas where it is not supposed to be. Is the engine hesitating? Maybe the intake hose is cracked. Sometimes rubber hoses can crack due to deterioration. If not addressed, a leak causes problems, so make sure to take it to Louie and John’s. These are the engine experts who will get you running in no time.

Idle Air Control Valve 

Even inexperienced drivers know when a car is stalling; it’s against the laws of nature. You put the key in the car, and the car is supposed to go somewhere. When it stalls, you hope it’s not at the light during rush hour traffic. Your idle air control valve regulates the airflow to the engine.

Other Auto Repairws: Electricity 

The engine needs ignition. The spark plugs provide the ignition that gives the engine power to run. 

But if the spark plugs or the spark plug wires are bad, sparks can be missing or happen at the wrong time, causing misfires and decreased fuel mileage.

Bad Ignition Coil

A decrease in acceleration is just one of the symptoms of a bad ignition coil. When you’re having difficulty starting, you might find your car is backfiring, the check engine light is on, or idling is rough. 

Auto Repairs for Emissions

Poor fuel economy, check engine light, and misfiring are some of the symptoms of clogged valves. 

Insufficient Oxygen or Airflow Sensors 

You might say the sensors are the “brains” of your car. How do you know when your sensor is faulty? If your car is jerking or hesitating during acceleration, then you could be experiencing a bad air flow sensor. 

Head Gasket Leaks 

Your car communicates with you when it has head gasket leakage. You’ll see white smoke spewing from the tailpipe, among other things.

Auto Repairs: Engine Lights

You’re driving down the road, and the dreaded check engine light comes on. Perhaps you’ll fix it later; after all, it’s inconvenient, right? Not so fast. We’ll tell you what an inconvenience is; it’s not having your vehicle for an extended period because you ignored the check engine light.

As tempting as it is to consider it a minor annoyance, it’s there for one reason; it’s to keep you safe from vehicle malfunction. 

Auto Repairs in Ann Arbor

Of course, these issues are but a handful of things that can go wrong with your car. Knowing what to look for is beneficial, but the old days of tuning your car in your driveway with a tach, a dwell meter, and a timing light are long gone.  

Proof that your engine is an intricate machine, with one part depending on all the other parts: your certified mechanic is your car’s new best friend. Our experts at Louie and John’s Complete Auto Service are the car people. When we say complete, we mean same-day service with our trusted guarantee. We don’t add to your problems. Our reputation depends on fixing it right.

At Louie and John’s, you don’t need an appointment. What you need is immediate attention. Not tomorrow or next week. Not at our convenience, but yours. 

Give us a call. Or bring your car to the shop. Don’t you hate waiting in line? You’ll be first in line because there is no line. That’s the way we roll. And we’ll have you rolling too.