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Why Your Car Isn’t Ready to Retire at 100,000 Miles – Vehicle Maintenance in Ann Arbor Can Help

The Grand Canyon is calling. You’ve always wanted to see Mount Rushmore. And if you’re retired, you should be able to do these things. But you are not going anywhere if your car is in the junkyard because you didn’t keep it going or bring it to the car magicians – for vehicle maintenance in Ann Arbor, come to Louie and John’s.

The thing is, cars are like people – they have a lifespan. We were all new once, but then we evolved with time. We punched our clocks, ran to and from work, and inserted ourselves into the daily hustle.

Then we started showing some wear. Our bones creaked a little more and we looked a little dustier. 

That’s what aging does. It brings you to a point where you have to work a little harder to keep going. Humans refer to it as frequent trips to the doctor’s office. In cars, it’s called making sure you have a good mechanic.

There are plenty of reasons your car isn’t ready to retire at 100,000 miles, and plenty of ways to keep it healthy.

For the past umpteen months you’ve written out a check to the financial institution that granted you access to the car in your driveway, and now you’ve just signed the last one. It’s the sigh heard round the world. Bye-bye car payment. We all know the exhilaration of financial freedom.

However, we also know financial freedom will only last so long if we don’t take the proper steps to keep the car in tip-top running condition. 

Let’s use the five senses to explore what’s needed.


Keep your ears open. When you hear clicking sounds, sputtering, rattling, or squealing, don’t ignore them. These could be precursors to failing brakes and ignition issues. 


What are those warning lights on the dashboard trying to tell you? Imagine that – your car is talking to you. Our mechanical experts know the language and understand the code that pinpoints the problem.


Shaking. Not you, the steering wheel! Well, maybe you, if you disregard it for too long. Wheel bearings and damaged suspension components are often the culprit. 

And what about the other sense, not mentioned in the fab 5? We’re talking about vestibular sense. It’s the one that maintains balance and movement and keeps you (and your wheels) upright. So if you notice your car wobbling at higher speeds, your balance is compromised.


Hot stuff. Overheating. Older cars are more at risk because they do not have the cooling prevention that newer cars do – and just like that, you’ve been burned.


It’s not cake, frosting, or ice cream, and you shouldn’t eat it – but you can tell if your car’s heater core is leaking because the coolant has a sweet taste. It will present itself on your windshield, and you can taste it – just don’t swallow. Leaking liquids are no joke, and should not be ignored.  


Clunking, squealing, popping, clicking, “sounds like a coin in the dryer.” These are all sounds that are the enemy of a happy car.

No one wants to be sidelined while the world passes by. What if we told you that we could help you maintain the health of your vehicle with some common sense?


We’ll call this one “Careability.”

The number-one thing you can do is follow a service schedule. You’ve got a manufacturer’s maintenance schedule – look in the owner’s manual that came with the car; it’s all there. Don’t skip this one – it’s the granddaddy of longevity. 


We can’t stress this enough. If you want the car to run, you have to keep it lubricated. This includes oil changes, brake fluid, coolant, radiator fluid, and power steering, among others. Think of it this way: just like bone-on-bone arthritis in those ancient knees, your car can get metal-on-metal arthritis if it’s not properly lubricated. 


No pressure, but have you checked the pressure? Do your tires have the right air gauge or are they fixing to blow?

Not trying to scare you here, but keep your eyes peeled for unappealing bumps, potholes, and yes, road demolition. Believe it or not, you can do everything in your power to keep your car road-worthy, but when it comes right down to it, some roads are not vehicle-worthy. 

Attend to Repairs ASAP for Vehicle Maintenance in Ann Arbor

Perhaps this should be left unsaid, but if you skip this important step, then be prepared to park your car in the backyard and watch a tree grow through the middle of it. Have your car looked right away so the small problems don’t turn into big ones. Did we mention there’s no waiting at Louie and John’s? At our place, you are always first in line. 

Keep a Money Pot for Vehicle Maintenance in Ann Arbor

Listen, you no longer make car payments anyway, so wouldn’t it be smart to make car payments to yourself? Instead of retiring your car payment, perhaps you should write the next couple of checks to yourself. Then you can breathe that sigh of relief because when unexpected repairs crop up, you’ll be able to pay for them without worrying. 

There are all kinds of reasons to keep a car going past its prime. With his estimated value of $375 million, Clint Eastwood could probably afford to buy any car he wants, but he drives his old million-dollar baby.  

Other celebrities, such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks, do the same thing. Apparently, they love their old cars and are not willing to part with them. As for you, maybe you are holding onto the past, or saving for your next car. Maybe your car is where you kissed your sweetheart for the first time and you’re not ready to say goodbye. 

What’s so great about retirement? Perhaps you want to quit the rat race, babysit the grandchildren, sit on the porch with sweet tea, read a book, do nothing, or travel wherever you want. For many of us, it defines the good life. 

The English have a saying: “I’m knackered!” It means: “I’m tired.” In the United States, it means “I’m done.” But what if you’re not? 

If your desire is to hold onto that oldster roadster, you are not alone. Just make sure you shine it to keep it from rusting, keep it road-worthy with oil changes and regular maintenance, and find a mechanic you can trust. One with a strong work ethic who values your satisfaction. To be specific, Louie and John’s

 Give us a call. We’ll keep you running for a lifetime.