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The Ignition is the Mission: Transmission Repair in Ann Arbor

Is your ignition stuck on wishin’? Wishin’ the thing would turn over? Wishin’ you could get to your destination? Wishin’ you were heading out on vacation instead of to the auto repair shop?  

Does your ignition coil sound like it’s got whooping cough? That’s not a sound you want to hear, especially from Old Faithful.

The thing about ignitions is if the fire’s lit, you’re hot, but if it’s not, you’re not – going anywhere. All the begging and pleading for your engine to turn over is useless if there’s no ignition. 

Hopefully, you’re stuck in the driveway instead of at Mount Rushmore because, let’s face it, if you’re in Rapid City on your annual vacation, you’re not in any position to rush anywhere.

Things happen at the worst of times. You’re in a hurry to get to a meeting and the boss is cranky; something about his car being in the shop. It sounds like he needs as excellent a mechanic as you’ve got. There’s only one choice in the Ann Arbor area: Complete Auto Service. This is the crew that diagnoses and fixes anything. 

My Ignition Key is Stuck. What the Heck?

Every time we stick the key in the keyhole, the last thing we expect is to be stuck. It always comes as a surprise with a flood of questions to follow:

If I have my car repaired, how long will it take? How will I get to work? What do you mean I’ve got debris in the ignition? Yes, you heard that right. 

The thing is, it’s not something you’ve done; it’s just something that happens to us all at some point because cars can be unpredictable. 

If the key jams temporarily, it could mean there’s dirt inside the keyhole. You could try using a small amount of WD40. However, it could also mean that your ignition cylinder needs replacing. Warning: do NOT attempt to force the key out. Now is a good time to be patient! Jiggle it, wiggle it, wait, and try again. It’s frustrating to wait, but it’s better than a broken key.

Hopefully, the problem is temporary, but it could suggest other issues, such as a dead battery. 

What’s Causing My Ignition Switch to Fail?

If you’ve ever had your head under the hood of a car, then you know how intricate it is and how each part depends on the other ones. 

A failed ignition switch could mean broken springs or even problems with the temperature. 

So how can you know what’s causing the problem? Maybe you can’t pinpoint it yourself, but that’s what mechanics are for. You can, however, tell when something is wrong. 

Chances are that if any of these signs are present, they could signal a faulty ignition switch:

  • Stalling when the engine is running
  • The car stalls suddenly after starting
  • The engine won’t start
  • Accessories are not turning on 
  • You cannot turn or remove the key

Your vehicle’s ignition switch may malfunction for several reasons, and if you are like most of us, car problems send an automatic S.O.S. into our brains.

But What’s Transmission Repair in Ann Arbor Going to Cost Me?

Because car parts are connected and depend on one another, it’s difficult to tell whether you’ll face additional charges depending on how much is wrong. If it’s just the ignition switch and you replace it yourself, expect to pay $98-$200.

It’s no secret that if you own a car, it’s a good idea to keep a “car nest egg” – a small amount that you can pull out of the cookie jar and pay for the types of repairs that would otherwise shrink your wallet. Everyone knows how expensive typical car parts can be.

Trust Complete Auto Service for Transmission Repair in Ann Arbor

Whatever is causing your ignition switch to keep your car in the garage, you can be sure there’s a reason, and it’s not always easy to detect. Cars can be great, but they can also make you crazy. 

transmission repair Ann Arbor
Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

If you are like most of us who slide behind the wheel and freak out when the car doesn’t start, the next call you need to make is to Complete Auto Service. If you have ignition and transmission training and the equipment to identify what’s wrong, you can fix it yourself. But unless you know what you’re doing, you’ll need a professional mechanic. Call us today.