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We don’t just fix cars. Oh no. It’s so much more.

Many of our online reviewers mention that we fix cars quickly and correctly the first time. That’s because SPEED – the ability to move quickly and competently to produce a finished product – causes people to flourish.

The more you can get done correctly in the time you have, the more products or services you can produce that people will pay you for. Your earning potential goes up (this is not dependent on your boss, but on YOU), you’ll have more discretionary time to enjoy life, you’ll get more respect from others because you’re unmistakably more awesome, and your capacity to help others skyrockets.

Our mission is to help our friends and neighbors in Ann Arbor KEEP MOVING via their cars, so they can do the things that help them live well: get to work, pick up the kids, hit the grocery store, do business on their side hustle, visit the bank.

By keeping you and your car moving, we’re giving you back your time, your ability to do more, have more, and enjoy more.

Your mind on your money and your money on your mind

The word ‘currency’ comes from the root word for ‘current’ which means basically “to circulate”. Money does you no good sitting in the bank. Because it’s not moving, it’s not doing anything for you.

If you don’t move some of that money to maintain your vehicle, you won’t be moving either.

No bueno.

What if you couldn’t get to the bank, or run out to get medicine for your child in the middle of the night? You guessed it, no bueno.

Help us help you

Meet us halfway and TAKE CARE OF YOUR CAR. We’ve made it as easy as possible with online deals, pick-up and drop-off service, sanitization, loaner cars, digital diagnostics, our Ultimate Family Value Plan, and towing service.

We’re part of the community, just like you – we’re here to help.


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